Top 4 tips for small business design ~ canberra queanbeyan

Tip #1. Look professional! No matter what size your business is, you need to look professional to gain the respect and trust of your clients and potential clients. If you opt for a cheap design or try to ‘do-it-yourself’, you risk appearing like a hobbyist or disreputable business. It is worth investing in good professional-looking designs to reflect the professional services/products you provide.

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Tip #2. Keep it simple. The key to effective design is simplicity. If your marketing material is too busy or crowded with information, your message will be lost. Keep colours and fonts to a minimum, use white space and keep it as clear and simple as possible!

Tip #3. Choose colours wisely. Colours communicate different messages. Make sure your logo and marketing material uses colours that represent and compliment your brand. If your business sells an environmentally-friendly, natural product, you should be using natural colours from the environment like greens and earthy tones. Whereas a business that is fun, and marketed for kids can use brighter more vibrant colours to convey their brand. Using the wrong colours can confuse people or attract the wrong audience.

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Tip #4. Be unique. Consumers are saturated by marketing on TV, on the internet, in our letterboxes, everywhere we look. It is so important to stand out and be unique. The biggest mistake a business can make is to copy their biggest competitor. You need to be different. Find your unique selling point and make sure your branding is memorable and recognisable.

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