Follow your guide!

My job does not stop after I supply my clients with their new logo. I am very protective over my designs and always want to ensure my clients understand how to use it effectively.

I have been known to drop an instagram message or two along the lines of “Hey where did that yellow come from!? This is not recognisably you. Remember your brand colours, try stick to them!”

Consistency is so important when you are establishing a new brand! Your potential customers need to see the same visual message numerous times to cement your brand into their minds. 

Your Style Guide

A professional graphic designer should provide a guide (style guide/brand guidelines) to accompany your new logo design. This should detail the colours and fonts used in the logo, as well as variations to the logo depending on use.

 Don’t stray from the guidelines!

If your colours are green and grey, don’t suddenly use BLUE for your flyers! If your logo incorporates a sans-serif font, don’t use serif fonts on your website! Try to match your logo as closely as possible. 

You can ensure a consistent & professional visual identity across ALL your marketing material by using a professional graphic & web designer. But if there are things you need to do yourself, consider a 1-2-1 tutoring session and branding audit with me or one of my group Canva classes so I can help you maintain consistency and professionalism.