Design & Photography Tutoring and Training

  • Canva – creating personalised branded graphics using Canva (also as group workshops)
  • Branding Audit – have your current logo and branding assessed and compared to your competitors. Feedback and advice on where and how you can improve professionalism and consistency.
  • Basic Photography – iPhoneography (light & composition), DSLR basics (learn to shoot in manual)
  • Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Lightroom – basic processing of RAW images,
  • Adobe Photoshop – high end digital processing and retouching using Photoshop

Sessions available in person (Canberra region) or via Zoom.

$100 per hour

(minimum 2 hours for in person sessions, discount available for 4 hours+)

Payment plans available

Queanbeyan, NSW

+61 409 909 198