Are business cards dead or still relevant?

Business cards. Are they worth it? Or a thing of the past?

Many people have the opinion that business cards are redundant in today’s fast paced online culture. I am often asked whether I think it is worth having business cards designed. My answer is “Yes!”, if you utilise it correctly and professionally, then a business card is still an invaluable marketing tool! And here’s why…

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business card design
business card design
  • Instant. How long does it take to get your phone out and find someone on social media? If you hand over a business card it is an instant connection.
  • Branding. A business card is another way to build visual recognition of your brand!
  • Professionalism. A well-designed business card promotes the professionalism of your business. Telling a potential client to “Find me on Facebook” lacks credibility and professionalism.
  • Unique. Having a custom designed card that is memorable and unique, is a great way to get noticed. Doing something different with your cards will increase their effectiveness! You could use a spot varnish, gold foiling or rounded corners perhaps!
  • Real. Facebook & LinkedIn are great networking tools, but what happens when someone forgets your name or business name? They have to wait until you post something and even then you may not show up in their feed. They forget and the connection is lost. Having a tangible card to look at means they will be able to follow up easily the next day.
spot uv coating on business card