A fresh new look for Fresk! ~ logo design canberra queanbeyan

Fresk is a bespoke family-run skincare business, created by Teang and her husband Paul. All the products are customised & made by hand with all-natural Australian ingredients. Their motto is “Nurture You” and “You are Enough” and Teang, is so passionate & committed to making other women believe this.

With this said, it was such a privilege to be asked to help develop a new logo and branding for Fresk. I wanted to help better communicate what their company stands for and who they are through their branding.

The natural eucalyptus green and earthy tones are inspired by the all-natural Australian ingredients and the design has been kept simple and elegant just like their products. I am so pleased with the final result and I am looking forward to continuing to help Fresk in their rebranding and moving forward with their journey.

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