3 steps to successful web graphics ~ graphic design canberra queanbeyan

With the recent societal changes thanks for COVID-19, more and more businesses are moving online or making their online presence a more integral part of their business. The most important part of having an online presence is making sure it is consistent with your existing brand! We want people to be able to easily recognise us online as they would in person.

For big businesses with huge budgets, this is no problem. It all gets outsourced to professionals who specialise in this and ensure the company looks good. If you are a micro or small business, trying to do things for yourself, this can be overwhelming.

There are many online resources and applications which can help with pre-made templates, but if you do not utilise them correctly, then all your valuable time could be wasted.

  • Don’t introduce any new colours or fonts. The key to good branding is consistency to ensure your business is easy to recognise. So don’t use any different colours and fonts from your logo. This will conflict with your branding and be confusing for those trying to find you!
  • Check your image quality. When creating graphics to use across social media and your website, make sure that you export the images at the right size. If you choose a resolution or pixel dimension that is too small, it may get enlarged automatically and degrade the quality of your image, this makes you look bad!
  • Avoid stock graphics/images. If you are using pre-made templates, make sure to change it up. It is tempting to use free stock images and graphics for your online graphics, but remember, everyone else will be using these as well, so you will not be unique and will not stand out on the oversaturated web!

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