Russell & Linda got married in 2000 but never got around to finalising the layout for the wedding album. Then their photographer moved interstate and they lost contact and the album was never made. Fast forward 17 years and Russell had the brilliant idea to get the album created as a gift to his lovely wife for their 17th wedding anniversary!

He had the original album layout idea and digitised images from the photographer, however after 17 years the layout was very outdated and the images needed some work. It was agreed that he would like to have a modern album, a flush mount, lay-flat album, rather than the black matted album which was popular at the time.

On looking at the original images it was obvious some retouching was required. The photographic style back then was high contrast images, highly saturated colours and lots of photos taken at an angle! I toned down the colours and fixed a lot of the saturation issues. I extended some backgrounds so I could rotate and straighten many images. I also ensured all the black and white images were the same consistency.

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Then I organised the images in a modern yet timeless layout. I just love the final product, thanks to Seldex, for producing an amazing quality album that I know will last and be able to be passed down to the next generation.

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